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Trying to make sense of life's mess before God.

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From fast fashion to second-hand style

I love fashion. Clothes are so much more than functional for me - they're a form of self-expression; an outlet for my creativity that I...

Why bother going green?

I've been suspicious of vegans for years. I didn't like the moral superiority, and the lifestyle seemed to suck all the enjoyment out of...

Veganuary Challenge

I stopped eating meat 25 years ago. It was my first year at university and I was studying for a module on ethics. I had an essay to write...

Advent: for those who wait

Advent is a time of waiting. In the church calendar it includes the four Sundays leading up to Christmas Day, and it’s a time of...


This is the slightly edited text of a sermon I gave on 24th July 2022, based on Philippians 2.3-11. Who is God for you? Powerful,...

Pride t shirt challenge

For the past four weeks, I've been wearing a Pride-themed t shirt every day, culminating in my local Pride festival yesterday. At various...

Mary's song of justice

This is the slightly edited text of a sermon I preached recently. I had particular reasons for not mentioning LGBT+ justice in the sermon...

Broken Theology goes live

Today is Holy Saturday, and it felt like the right day for the first Broken Theology livestream. More to come.

Where is God when it hurts?

Last week I saw the following tweet from a high profile Christian minister: 'If God answers 'Yes', He is increasing your faith. If...

The long and winding road

This is a slightly edited transcript of a sermon I gave on 5th December 2021. I was asked to preach on two long journeys that are...

A conversation about childlessness

Today’s post is a transcript of a conversation my friend Andy and I had about my book, A Pastoral Theology of Childlessness. Andy and I...

A conversation about fear

I've been reading Matt Haig's book 'Reasons to Stay Alive,' which recounts his experience of severe anxiety and depression, including a...

Life and Soul: questions for God

Andy and I discuss the questions we have for God. What will we ask when we see God face to face? And how do we think God might reply?

Review of Jimmy McGovern’s ‘Time’

As soon as I heard that Jimmy McGovern had written a new drama, I knew I had to see it. His 2017 series, ‘Broken’, about a broken priest...

Overcoming shame

Today I finalised the index of my book. It's a book about the pain of involuntary childlessness, so the index is not exactly a laugh a...

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