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Pride t shirt challenge

For the past four weeks, I've been wearing a Pride-themed t shirt every day, culminating in my local Pride festival yesterday. At various times I've felt self-conscious, giddy with joy, full of shame. Self-conscious about walking around wearing such a political message. Joyful at some of the great conversations I've had. Full of shame because of the way the church has treated LGBT+ people, and because of my own complicity in the silence around issues of human sexuality.

Below you can watch a video in which I've edited together four weeks' worth of video reflections posted on Instagram. I think my most important learning point from the past four weeks is summed up in the very last post. A few years ago, I would have said that I didn't know anyone really well who was in the LGBT+ community. But, of course, I did - it's just that I didn't know they were part of that community. How would they know that they could trust me with that part of their identity when, as a Christian and a minister, I said absolutely nothing?

I'm sorry. And I'm done being silent.

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